中島 篤/Atsushi Nakashima


2001年 名古屋ファッション専門学校 ファッションスペシャリスト課を卒業後、
2011年帰国後自身のブランドATSUSHI NAKASHIMAを立ち上げる。
2012年Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyoにて、2012AWコレクションでデビュー。
2013年JIL SANDER NAVYのBagデザイナーに就任。
2016年Milan Fashion Weekにて2016-17AWコレクションを発表。
2015年 DHL Exported 第2期 日本人で初めて受賞する。
2023年Milan Fashion Weekにて23-24AWコレクションを発表。サステナブルなブランドとしてリブランディングし、【Project Circularity】を発足する。


In 2001,Atsushi Nakashima graduated from Nagoya Fashion School’s Fashion Specialist Course and then joined Newlead Co., Ltd. While working there, he participated in the 20th Onward Fashion Grand Prix in 2003 and won the grand prize for his work incorporating haute couture techniques. It was during this event that he was scouted by Jean-Paul Gaultier, who served as one of the judges, and he moved to France.
In 2004, Atsushi Nakashima became an assistant designer for Jean-Paul Gaultier. From 2009, he served as the head designer for the diffusion line.
In 2011, after returning to Japan, he launched his own brand, ATSUSHI NAKASHIMA, which bears his own name.
In 2012, he made his debut at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo with the 2012 Autumn/Winter collection.
In 2013, he became the bag designer for JIL SANDER NAVY.
In 2016, he presented his 2016-17 Autumn/Winter collection at Milan Fashion Week and has continued to participate for nine consecutive seasons since then.
In 2015, Atsushi Nakashima became the first Japanese person to win the DHL Exported program in its second edition.
In 2023, he will present the 23-24 Autumn/Winter collection at Milan Fashion Week.
ATSUSHI NAKASHIMA will undergo a rebranding as a brand with a focus on sustainability and launch the project “Circularity.”


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