• ikunote
  • 日本の着物生地をさりげなくデザインに

    Japanese kimono fabric subtly incorporated into the design

  • 日本の美意識に触れる

    Adopting Japanese aesthetics


    梅澤育代 / Ikuyo Umezawa

  • 2010年にファッションブランドikunoTeを立ち上げる。


    In 2010, I launched the fashion brand ikunoTe. By incorporating “kimono fabric,” a symbol of tradition, into everyday clothing, we weave Japan’s ancient traditions and the thoughts of artisans into the future. Our expertise lies not only in fashion but also in various designs combining Japanese and Western elements, extending from interior to miscellaneous goods, and adeptly combining different materials.

  • 株式会社よあ
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    YoA Co.,Ltd.
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    Tange, Momoyama-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City