菅原 リラ / RIRA SUGAWARA

  • 早稲田大学大学院在学中よりプリントデザインを始める。フランス人のアトリエでのプリントデザイナーを経て、オリジナルプリントのブランド DANS LA VIE を設立し、Garmentコレクションラインに発展させた。日常と非日常、デジタルとアナログ、realとsurreal、luxuryと kitschなど相反する要素を併せ持つコラージュプリント、コーティング素材と pythonスキンの組み合わせ、シャープなカッティング、知的なコンセプトのGarments、Clash beauty、Material Modeは、欧米でも高い評価を受け、2011AW より、Londonで発表する。12SS,12AW,13SS,13AW,17AW,18SSとLondon Fashion Weekで6シーズンCatwalkを実施し、Collection は、Vogue.uk にも掲載され、Paloma Faith、Cardi B 等のセレブリティにも愛用される。

    Rira started printing design while she was in Waseda University Graduate School. After an experience as a print designer at French atelier, she has set up her original print brand “DANS LA VIE” after developed the garment collection brand. Her collection uses collage-print which is made from two contrary elements, as “daily and non-daily”, “digital and analog”, “real and surreal”, “luxury and kitsch”, etc., coating material with python skin, sharp cutting, and intellectual concept for her brands “Clash beauty” and “Material Mode”, that are appreciated highly in Europe and USA. She started presenting her collection in London from 2011 Autumn/Winter. In 2012 Spring/Summer, 2012 Autumn/Winter,2013 Spring/Summer, 2013 Autumn/Winter, 2017Autumn/Winter, and 2018Spring/Summer she presented catwalk show to realize the new dimension in London Fashion Week and the collection is published on website of Vogue.uk each season. Her collections are favored by celebrities such as Paloma Faith and Cardi B.

  • 有限会社 DANS LA VIE
    〒182-0036 調布市飛田給 3-22-79
    TEL : 042-480-7288

    3-22-79 Tobitakyu, Chofu-shi, Tokyo 182-0036, Japan
    TEL  : +81-42-480-7288