ボディソング. / BODYSONG.

  • 国内デザイン事務所入社後、企画、縫製、展覧会の製作など多岐に渡り学ぶ。
    2018年、東京都ならびに繊維ファッション産学協議会主催、一般社団法人日本ファッション・ウィーク推進機構(JFWO)共催のファッションアワード「TOKYO FASHION AWARD 2018」を受賞。

    After graduating from a fashion school in Tokyo, worked at DESIGN STUDIO in various jobs including planning, sewing, and exhibition production.
    After becoming independent, launched a genderless brand “BODYSONG.” with the main keyword of <IMPROVISAITION>.
    The method of disassembling vintage materials and used clothing and reconstructing them into new products is one of the brand’s signature methods, which has been continued since its launch.
    Our desire is to use as much as possible of things that are mass produced and destined to be discarded.
    One of the brand’s appeals is its focus on making clothes that are unused and would otherwise be thrown away, including knits made using only yarn left over from factories and items that incorporate scraps into the designs.
    In recent years, the brand won the “TOKYO FASHION AWARD”, a fashion award sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Textile Fashion Industry-Academia Council, and co-sponsored by the Japan Fashion Week Promotion Organization (JFWO), and held its first SHOWROOM in Paris.
    Later, the brand won the TOKYO New Designer Fashion Award.
    Since then, the brand has held occasional shows at Tokyo Fashion Week.
    The brand also participates in art and design projects and builds its unique position through collaborative work with creators from various fields. In recent years, we have been actively engaged in activities such as announcing a collaboration with sports brand <DECENTE>.

  • 株式会社BODYSONG
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