• le graine


  • 1984年生まれ。

    2004年(株)ザ・ウォール入社。ADDITION ADELAIDEにてキャリアをスタート。
    帰国後、2011年(株)YOUR SANCTUARY入社。
    The SECRETCLOSET神宮前本店にて経験を積む。企画デザインと国内外バイイング、VMD、WEB企画運営、販売に至るまでの様々な業務に真摯に向き合い得た経験、
    ハイエンドの高品質な商品群に一貫して触れ続け磨いた審美眼、カッティングエッジ&ユニセックス、クラシック&フェミニンの相反する世界観のなかで養った感性にて、新たなフェイズのタイムレスワードローブ創造のため、le graine〈ルグレ〉を立ち上げる。


    Born in 1984.
    Joined The Wall Co.,Ltd in 2004.She started her career at ADDITION ADELAIDE. After engaging in various tasks, she moved to UK after leaving the company.
    After returning to Japan, joined YOUR SANCTUARY Co., Ltd. in 2011.
    Assigned to The SECRETCLOSET Jingumae.
    She engaged various tasks such as planning and design, domestic and overseas buying, VMD, planning and operation of the web in general,online shop management, and sales.
    Through the two companies, she consistently touched high-quality products and cultivated the sensibility in the contrary worldviews of “cutting edge & unisex”, “classic & feminine”.
    To create a new phase of timeless wardrobe, she launched Le Graine.
    With the belief of “Weaving a comfortable atmosphere”,
    carefully tailored by craftsmen and made with particular attention to beautiful fabrics. Regardless of generation, it is sent out to people who share this sensibility.

  • le graine 
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    TEL 090-9562‐5804

    3-27-1 , hazawa , Nerima-ku , TOKYO 176-0003 JAPAN