伊藤弘子 / HIROKO ITO

  • 2001~2011年 のジャパン・ファッションウイークにて21回コレクションを発表。
    2008年 ロシア サンクトペテルブルクと韓国、釡山ファッションウィークに招待ブラン
    2009~2017年 パリ、トラノイ展や上海のモード シャンハイ展などの海外の合同展示会にも数多く出展。
    2013 東京都現代美術館『オバケとパンツとお星様展に出展
    2020 銀座un petit gallery にて 20周年の個展開催
    2021 コロナ禍 現代アーティスト岡田裕子とW HIROKO PROJECT を立ち上げ原宿block houseにて展覧会を開催。


    1990 Graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology New York Men’s Clothing & Merchandising,
    1994-1998 Planning and production of accessories at COMME des GARCONS Co.
    1999 Established fashion and art company, ZERO ZERO ESUESUInc.
    Launched the brand HISUI
    2000 Organized an art event <Today’s Freedom Exhibition> at the former Renown Harajuku headquarters building.
    2001~11 Started Tokyo Collection for Autumn/Winter 2001~11 Presented fashion shows 21times at Japan Fashion Week.
    2008~13 Exhibited in Paris, Tranoi, etc.
    Participated fashion shows in St. Petersburg, Russia as an invited brand .
    Participated Busan Fashion Week, Korea as an invited brand.
    2013 Participated in “Ghosts Pants and Stars” at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.
    2016~18 Participated in the Mode Shanhai Exhibition in Shanghai
    2020 20th anniversary solo exhibition at Ginza un petit gallery
    2021 Launch of W HIROKO PROJECT with contemporary artist Hiroko Okada and held an exhibition at block house in Harajuku.
    Moved the OFFICE to the local incubation koca at Kamata, Tokyo, for local revitalization.

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    TEL  080-4132-7890

    Koca C-1 omori-nishi ota-ku Tokyo, 1430015 Japan

    TEL  +81-80-4132-7890