• YuumiARIA

    鈴木 ゆうみ / Yuumi Suzuki

  • 2008 S/Sより古着をベースとした1点物のリメイクラインスタート。
    2011 S/Sよりコレクションラインスタート。


    Yuumi Suzuki started a line of one-of-a-kind remakes based on used clothing in 2008S/S.
    She is a designer herself who uses carefully selected materials to create each piece that is special and puts her heart into it.
    She started her collection line in 2011S/S, and based on the concept of “UNUSUAL”, she incorporates the functionality found in men’s wear into basic femininity, creating real clothing in the true sense of the word that designers think is necessary for everyday life.

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