• ritsu

    堀江 りつ / Ritsu Horie

  • パーソンズ美術大学卒業後、Sea nyやANNA SUI, Prabal GurungなどNYブランドにて経験を積み帰国。株式会社日南に就職し、自動車や家電の試作や新商品開発を行う開発総合支援企業として業界トップの高い技術力を従来のBtoBだけでなくBtoCに活かせないかと考え、アパレルを融合させた自社ブランド設立を提案。最新の3Dプリンターや社内のものづくり技術を用いて新たなアパレルブランド作りに挑戦している。


    After graduating from Parsons School of Design, Ritsu Horie gained experience at NY brands such as Sea ny, ANNA SUI, and Prabal Gurung, and returned to Japan.

    Nichinan Co. Ltd., a comprehensive development support company that develops prototypes and new products for automobiles and home appliances, Horie wondered if she could apply their industry-leading technological capabilities not only to the traditional BtoB market but also to BtoC, and proposed the establishment of her own brand that fuses apparel. The company is taking on the challenge of creating a new apparel brand using the latest 3D printers and in-house manufacturing technology.

    “Boho chic, inspired with the romance of impressionist painting and the elegance of urban luxury” is the theme of this brand.

    The brand offers pictorial and romantic items for those who care about freedom of expression.

    From design to sewing, each item is carefully made in Japan.

  • 株式会社日南
    〒252-1125  神奈川県綾瀬市吉岡東1-14-13
    TEL  0467-78-8891
    FAX  0467-76-8895

    1-14-13 Yoshiokahigashi, Ayase-Shi, Kanagawa-Ken, 252-1125 Japan