• CEO

    成田 敦 / Asushi Narita

  • 1980年6月8日生まれ、ITに関するコンサルティングを行うKeepAlive株式会社の代表取締役。大手ECモールのリニューアルや流通業の基幹システム刷新など幅広くITを活用したクライアントの事業企画に携わる。近年、非接触通信技術をはじめとしたデジタルをファッション業界で活用すべく、複数のコレクションデザイナーを支援する。趣味は釣りと料理。

    He was born in 1980.CEO of KeepAlive Co., Ltd., which IT consulting company.
    He is involved in client business planning that utilizes a wide range of IT,
    such as the renewal of major EC malls and the renovation of core systems
    in the distribution industry.
    In recent years, he has supported several collection designers to
    utilize “Digital” including Near Field Communication in the fashion industry.
    His hobbies are fishing and cooking.

  • KeepAlive株式会社
    E-mail: narita@keep-alive.co.jp

    KeepAlive Co., Ltd
    2-1-11-3F Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 1600022 Japan