• Queen & Jack
  • 日本で独自に発展した制服の歴史と日本の職人技術、世界のトップブランドを支えるイタリアの素材や工場、オートクチュールの技術。ストリート・モードな雰囲気を纏うポジティブでエレガントな人へ。Queen&Jack-Collection Line-はスクール風ファッションをモードへと昇華するプレタ・クチュール。

  • JAPAN=ITALY Project


    清水 充則 / Yoshinori Shimizu

  • 日本メンズアパレルアカデミー卒業後、アパレルメーカー勤務を経て某高級注文紳士服店(東京)従事。
    渡伊し、イタリア・ローマの有名紳士服店“sartoria litrico”に勤務。
    ローマの国立ファッション学校“accademia nazionale dei sartori”卒業。
    イタリアのTV番組への出演、 国際コンクールでの受賞歴多数。
    帰国後、銀座にて高級注文紳士服 テーラー清水に勤務。
    現在はテーラー職人としての活動と同時に、日本とイタリアの職人たちとの共同制作による高級制服ブランドQueen & Jackを立ち上げ、
    23-24秋冬シーズンよりCollection Lineをスタート。Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYOにてショーを行う。

    Queen & Jackは、品質と気品を求めて、日本・イタリアの共同制作を実現した高級制服ブランド。

    After graduating from the Japan Men’s Apparel Academy, he worked for an apparel manufacturer and then joined a high-end customized men’s apparel brand in Tokyo.

    Moved to Italy and worked for “sartorial litrico”, a famous men’s clothing store in Rome, Italy.
    Graduated from “accademia nazionale dei sartori”, a national fashion school in Rome.
    He has appeared on Italiam TV programs and won many awards at international competitions.

    After returning to Japan, he worked for the men’s high-class customized store Tailor Shimizu in Ginza, Tokyo.

    Established I SARTI JAPAN INC.

    Currently while working as a tailor, he has launched “Queen & Jack”, a brand of high-end uniforms produced in collaboration with Japanese and Italian craftmen.
    Collection line was launched since 23AW and the fashion show was held at Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO.

    “Queen & Jack” is a high-end school uniform brand that has been produced jointly by Japan and Italy in pursuit of quality and elegance.
    The applied materials are mainly made in Italy, which has a long history. We have succeeded in sublimating Japanese seifuku fashion, which is popular among the wealthy in Asia, to another level by combining Japanese and Italian craftsmanship.

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