• yuasano
  • 日常に溢れる風景、音楽、香り、文化で感じる雰囲気、

    The brand is aim for craftsmanship that questions existing common-sense ideas, based on a moment of atmosphere and one's feelings felt through everydayscenery, music, fragrance, and culture, and transforms it into an advanced form by mixing it with a unique aesthetic from various angles based on the concept of "break free of completion".


    浅野 優 / Yu Asano

  • 大学卒業後、建設会社にて設計、施工管理で働いたのち、文化服装学院に入学。その後様々なアパレル企業にて、企画、生産管理、営業MD、縫製等経験し、ブランドを立ち上げた。

    After graduating from university, he worked in design and construction management at a construction company, then enrolled at Bunka Fashion College.After that, he gained experience in planning, production management, sales merchandising, sewing, etc. at various apparel companies, and then launched a brand.

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